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Always, Always put "| Out-Null" behind to prevent the null element feed Function first and get "False" then return "0" back.
So your Table doesn't need to add one more "Ghost" column

I tried to figure it out from someone recommend to find out who tried to login the database.
The user is me and is a database sysadmin. So it slap backup the wrong solution.
What caused it?

I created the customized SQL Endpoint for 3rd party vendor uses. I grant "Connection" permission for the account. Deny "Public" connect to Default [Tcp] Endpoint.
Turn on Firewall (ex: port 4999), Allow Remote Connection in SQL, Enable Tcp portocol, Name Pipe, SharedMemory. But it still showed the Error 64 even if the account was successfully established.

Connection Failed;
sqlstate '28000';
sql server error: 18456;
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'XXXX'