I was excited the company that gonna upgrade server to Windows Server 2012
According the last article : “[Active Directory]How to migrate FSMO to other Domain Controllers (DC) “ (Link is here)
We will have a question following that “How to determine which DC was supposed to installing each of 5 FSMO”?

Last week, I had a very good discussion with a company in TN, and they wanted to have a migration of DC to another Server. Something we need to take care of it before doing it, especially it’s a main GC role even it's not a FSMO.
First, you really need to know what the main 5 FSMO roles mean that on DCs before you do anything on DC,?

Original PNG blueprint is here
Basically if you want to know what’s the Login policy for you DB instance, we used to use this T-SQL command
select * from sys.sql_logins

They will tell you some relevant info.

But if you want to know multi instances around your Local Network environment, how to do that?

Login each SQL server and type this command?? Yes, it is a way to reach this. But are there any other ways that I can do this?

Yes, “PowerShell

My PC's OS is Windows Server 2012 and has a Hyper-V that included 3 SQL server inside, recently I bought a SSD driver, and prepare migrate it to SSD

  • Symantec Ghost 15
  • Old Hard Disk
  • New SSD
  • Dell PC