The easiest way to get SQL version


Most of people suggest to use @@VERSION” and “SERVERPROPERTY

But when we manage SQL server, DBA or developer need to do a lots tedious/repeatable tasks to determine the SQL version in order to meet different needs. So the method above is not what I need.

The most convenient way and the easiest way to remember the syntax is

It shows not only the detail SQL version but also the Windows version

But you have to do lots “STRING” function if you want to manipulate the info for program purpose

So there are lots SQL professionals contributed lots syntax to help us such like



But But, they are not really very easy to get the version number.

So I mine more and find out the easiest way to do it and it’s been existed in database already. The syntax is @@microsoftversion, I don’t have time to talk about more with it, just give you the code I used, if you have time, you can always contribute good articles to me.

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