[Replication]Fixed Specify the actual server name (Replication.Utilities)


I believe lots DBAs have encountered the error when you add a remote Publication or Subscription.
We do know the “SERVER NAME” should match the value of “@@SERVERNAME” or “Select * from sys.sysservers;
select * from sys.servers

And if you find it doesn’t “MATCH”, then you have to do the step below:
SP_dropserver xxxx
SP_addserver xxx, 'local'
For my situation, we used the name instance I have not the issues above, even though I did it again. It still doesn’t FIX it.
But I’ve found 2 interesting things then I changed it, then it fixed. These 2 things you must ensure it’s available if you want to deploy SQL REPLICATION
  • Open firewall UDP port 1434 for SQL Server Browser uses. I just opened TCP port 2382
  • The SQL instance name CANNOT be hidden from network.
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