Have you ever encountered “Aborted” status on “Change Data Capture Designer for Oracle by Attunity”?
or on “Oracle CDC for SSIS”? Then you dump CDC trace even used “SOURCE” but can’t find useful information.
For me, yes. I’ve encountered the same situation and I’ll describe a little about my story and how to troubleshooting.
My Environment:
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • SQL 2012 SP2 + CU6

I believe lots DBAs have encountered the error when you add a remote Publication or Subscription.
We do know the “SERVER NAME” should match the value of “@@SERVERNAME” or “Select * from sys.sysservers;
select * from sys.servers

And if you find it doesn’t “MATCH”, then you have to do the step below:
SP_dropserver xxxx
SP_addserver xxx, 'local'
For my situation, we used the name instance I have not the issues above, even though I did it again. It still doesn’t FIX it.
But I’ve found 2 interesting things then I changed it, then it fixed. These 2 things you must ensure it’s available if you want to deploy SQL REPLICATION
  • Open firewall UDP port 1434 for SQL Server Browser uses. I just opened TCP port 2382
  • The SQL instance name CANNOT be hidden from network.