One of our SSIS projects encountered a repeated error regarding the error as subject.


I look at the package. It still uses the old Microsoft OLEDB driver for Oracle. And one of Windows Update was mentioned in the link below has been installed on the server.

So, we have to apply the post-fix to fix it. Please follow the link above to solve your problem.
It took 10 minutes to identify my 2 TB Portable USB. And when I move to the new PC, it became the RAW status

Solution: Partition Redo. Delect Volumn > Make a 50MB Partition > Format > Make the rest of space as another Partition > Format > Unallocate all of two partitions > Format > Done!!

Could not find stored procedure 'sys.sp_cdc_parse_captured_column_list'

SQL version: 2016 RC1
CDC for Oracle: 4.0

Hope Microsoft can fix it when the official release published.
Get Processing Range error Timeout


It's because you have a CDC transaction not committed yet.



Find out the active sessions running the program: MSXDBCDC$OracleCDCService1$xxxxYourCDC Database

Kill the sessions
Rerun the Initial Load for "Mark Initial Load Start" and "Mark initial load end"

The dates are mot Match. Why? I don't know, I just migrated Oracle to another server but kept the same server name and configuration. Only one thing changed was the IP.