[Life]Honesty is the Key for the career and the lifetime


Recently we hired a new guy that has been experienced several IT skills in terms of his resumes
He said he know lots skills include AIX, AS400, Server, Unix, Linux, SQL, Exchange
Finally he came to work, then I talked with him and found he knows a little bit of them.
Why can I found out? Because I’ve known most of these skills for a while.
I meant sometimes you need to be honest on your resumes even if you really need a job.
one week later, he came to work. 10 minutes after, he told us he was gonna have a new job after 3 hours , and said “goodbye” then he right walked away from us and my manager.
He really pissed us off a lot, it’s not professional and respectable….
Regardless of how good your skills are, the honesty and a good attitude are more important than them.
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