Error occurred during the pre-login handshake, Endpoint


I created the customized SQL Endpoint for 3rd party vendor uses. I grant "Connection" permission for the account. Deny "Public" connect to Default [Tcp] Endpoint.
Turn on Firewall (ex: port 4999), Allow Remote Connection in SQL, Enable Tcp portocol, Name Pipe, SharedMemory. But it still showed the Error 64 even if the account was successfully established.


I've tried lots methods to figure it out, but it still failed even I use sysadmin account with IP with local server. Finally, I'd try to drop the customized or rename the endpoint. So I went to the Blog below
  • TCP listening ports and ENDPOINT ports behavior

They gave me an idea, why didn't I query the "EndPoint" status and port?
select name, port, is_dynamic_port, state from sys.tcp_endpoints
Then I fount the "Endpoint" is "STOPPED"
I knew the problem, so I login and type
ALTER ENDPOINT [YourEndPointName] state = started; --STOPPED
Successfully to login through the customized port....

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