Msg 5184: Cannot use file for Clustered server


Only formatted files on which the cluster resource of the server has a dependency can be used. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the SQL server does not have dependency on it.
I created a new SAN storage and got a Owner Node after add a Disk to Cluster Storage like below
SQL CANNOT reorganize it because I don’t assign the Cluster Disk to a Role. (* a Cluster could have multiple roles, who knows the new storage will belong which role)
Then I “Assigned to” a role (pic 2 )
Now SQL CAN reorganize it, so I restore the database, but it showed the error while I was restoring it (pic 3)
For Windows Cluster that we need to know the relationships of dependencies:
  • Disk Resource do not depend on anything (Windows 2012 Cluster)
It’s a self-explanatory. It means the storage can be brought online/offline without any other resource (SQL server, Disks..etc.) online/offline first.
But if you go to the Resource of SQL server, you can see the dependencies below, but it didn’t include my new disk (Disk 7)
Hence I can know
  • SQL Server Resource needs dependencies on a Disk Resource ( Server Name, IP Address also)
I added my new Cluster Disk 7 as a new dependency under SQL Server resource
Bang! Bang! good to go

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