[Life] – An essential technical sense is important for a person to operate a computer



Recently we upgraded/replaced the new terminal for our company

A lady who’ve been working for our company for several yrs

by the way, I replaced her keyboard as a US/101 standard keyboard below


She called me and asked me “Where are my up/left/right/down button?”


I answered “it’s right here

She said “Why it’s different from the old one

I said “It’s the same, just looks like smaller


then guess what happened?


I wrote down a whole new operation steps for her to operate our same system..

Finished ?? No No No

Then she took tons of paper notes from her drawer when she tried to type her password.

I asked her “how long you’ve been keeping these notes”?

She said “been couple years

I asked “why you don’t just write them down in a single page paper?” because the notes just recorded a little note for each paper

She said “ I don’t know, I used to use these everyday


The End------------------------------

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