[SQL] Use LinkServer connect to IBM AS400



Install IBM iSeries Navigator, make sure “iSeries Access for Windows .NET provider” option is checked


If you don’t have the CD-Row, please go to here to order

go to ODBC setting


Add a new Data Source: Client Access ODBC Driver (32-bits)


It will direct you to the Setting ( you can set more detail after this)

Name your Data Source name: xxxSourceName


AS/400 System: you need to add in IBM iSeries Navigator first or you can set it up manually

After this, you will see the pic below in your “ODBC Data Source Administrator” setting




The Linked Server can now be created

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio –> Server Objects -> Linked Servers –> right click and "New Linked Server "

Linked Server: doesn’t matter what name you are naming (xxxxx)

Server Type: Other Data Source

Provider: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

Product Name : ODBC Data Source

Data Source: enter the name which you named in ODBC in your computer, they should be matched


Then go to the “Security” tab on the left

Choose “Be made using this security context” option

Enter your IBM AS/400 account/password





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