[Life] Not an IT Article- About My gf's grandmother


This is not a record for my IT life, but it's a part of my life.

My gf's grand mother, as her death nears, she becomes very drowsy and loss of consciousness..
We live about 400 miles away her.. My gf want to see her, but we don't have enough money..

I told her that's why I train myself and dedicate myself to be a good IT guy. I've been keeping a dream in God. One day I will get my dream job and save enough money to help people who have difficult with something just like us.

Everyone has a right to persuade a happiness, there's nothing wrong with it. I have a faith on God.

Recently I applied a job that is one of my dreams' jobs. - SQL Server
I really hope I can get this job even if there are many better candidates competing with me.

Love my gf's grandmom, my church, and my God.

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